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Jody Cummings [userpic]
by Jody Cummings (irish_horse)
at July 19th, 2011 (12:37 pm)

current mood: sad

Congratulations to Chris Osgood on a stellar 17-year NHL career. I will miss him madly. The Old Guard is going away, and it makes me very, very sad.

I hope that in three years, the Hall of Fame puts an end to the insulting "is he good enough" conversation and puts him there where he belongs. His numbers support the honor. But that's an argument (and possibly a petition) for another day.

Today, I'm sad. Thanks for all the great hockey, Ozzie, and all of the fun on and off the ice. Thanks for being such a class act and for being so good to the fans. Thanks for being you. God speed.

shel99 [userpic]
NHL players as kids
by shel99 (shel99)
at June 29th, 2011 (08:07 pm)

current mood: bouncy

Check out this blog:


Search the archives and there's an ADORABLE picture of little Nick Lidstrom! :)

shel99 [userpic]
The littlest Red Wings fan
by shel99 (shel99)
at April 13th, 2011 (07:37 pm)

My little boy 9 days old watching his first Wings game:

From Leo Harvey

Now the Wings need to stay in the playoffs long enough for him to grow into the shirt his grandpa bought him!

Slick the Minion [userpic]
by Slick the Minion (qtshorty1625)
at March 26th, 2011 (09:14 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: Red Wings v. Maple Leafs

Did anyone by chance catch the names of the three new Wings babies?

Slick the Minion [userpic]
by Slick the Minion (qtshorty1625)
at February 26th, 2011 (09:21 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: Red Wings @ Sabres

They just announced that Shawn Burr was diagnosed with leukemia.

Forsberg’s comeback cut short by bothersome foot
by Feral Cheryl. (octogirlie)
at February 14th, 2011 (09:09 pm)

Foppa calls it a career

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Slick [userpic]
Christmas greetings from the Wings
by Slick (hobbit_face)
at January 15th, 2011 (10:18 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: nothing

Teasers: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

5 Bertuzzi + 5 Eaves + 5 Datsyuk + 5 Hudler + 5 Howard + 5 Ericsson + 5 Abdelkader + 5 generic = 40 icons


Slick the Minion [userpic]
Gone Curling
by Slick the Minion (qtshorty1625)
at January 9th, 2011 (02:14 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: On a Night Like This - Trick Pony


Slick [userpic]
Red Wings 4, Avalanche 3 (OT) AKA Ozzie's 400th
by Slick (hobbit_face)
at January 2nd, 2011 (10:51 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: Brothers & Sisters

Pictures from the Freep
Made by hobbit_face
Comments and credit are awesome!

Sorry, there are a couple of Avs mixed in; let me know if this bothers you and I'll delete them.

001.Photobucket 002.Photobucket 003.Photobucket

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near_aphelion [userpic]
by near_aphelion (near_aphelion)
at December 30th, 2010 (02:08 pm)

Congrats on the game last night. Go Eaves!