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A Detroit Red Wing's Ladies Group
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This is a community for women Red Wing fans. It is meant for women fans of the Detroit Red Wings to get together and discuss hockey. My goal is to keep this an active community, by posting questions, and keeping things interesting. It would be nice if we can expand to something bigger someday.

So if you're here for the first time, introduce yourself. There is a form to fill out below. This is a good way to meet Red Wing fans with similar interests, so you can fill these out once a month if you wish, just remember to put it below a cut.

Some things you can do to participate and make this group great:

1. Reply to posts
2. Tell your friends!
3. Introduce yourself / make friends
4. Take part in polls
5. Make suggestions (jooniper30@aol.com)
6. Post interesting things (Wings Spam, Hockey Spam, Wings Pic Spam, Icons, etc.)
7. Treat people with respect!

Some things I plan on doing to make the community fun:

1. Post Wings Spam/Hockey Spam/articles/pictures etc.
2. Pose questions, and post quotes.
3. Post hockey memes, things we can all do.
4. Contests
5. Game Day Threads
6. Much More
7. I'm Open to Suggestions! (jooniper30@aol.com)

So basically have a ball talking hockey. I don't mind a little fangirling, but no one's going to want to hear about how cute a player is all the time. It's a bit repetative. Yes, the men are attractive, and we all know it, but this site's about good hockey! We all have our favorites and that's fine. This is all new so I'm just putting out some ideas.

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When you join, post this info on yourself below a cut..
(You can post a picture too if you want...)

New Members Info:
------Red Wings------
Who is your favorite Red Wing?
And Why?
How long have you been a fan?
Favorite Red Wing moment?
Any Red Wing luck rituals?
What other teams do you like (if any)?
What other players do you like (if any)?
Do you play hockey?
Favorite hockey movie?
Other Fandoms:
Other Interesting Facts:
A random thought:

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1. You must be a woman! It's a women's list. No exceptions.
2. You must like the Red Wings. (it seems logical)
3. You must be over 13 years old (LJ rule)
4. You must excersize good judgement in posting (excessive language & pointless posts are a no-no)
5. You cannot bash players or LJ members. Please, no fighting. We all like the Wings, right? If you don't like a certain player on the Wings, try to keep it under wraps.
6. You CAN pimp communities and/or sites as long as they are hockey related
7. Occasional (but not obsessive) non-hockey talk or questions are allowed.
8. If you post more than one image (Or one VERY large image), do so under an LJ cut. If you post icons you can have up to 3 teasers, and the rest must be under a cut.
9. Really long articles or posts should also be under an LJ cut.
10. This list is PG-13. Watch your language and icons, nothing obsessively obscene, please. If you post fan fiction it must be PG-13 or less, no slash, etc.

That's all, but I reserve the right to make up more rules *evile grin*

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